Breast Max Complex Tablet

  • Breast Max contains gentle botanicals that complement the unique and beautiful balance in your nature. Thereas Dong Quai and Fenugreek seed to support your breast health. By combining time-tested botanicals, Breast Max helps you enhance the unique nature of your inner and outer beauty. Improves cycle of breast. Supports breastas function. Provides several botanical extracts. Promotes good health and longevity!
  • MADE IN USA within a FDA & GMP Compliant Facility with high-quality ingredients; 3rd party tested for purity!
  • Dietary Supplement, One of the few FDA compliant Chinese Herbal Dietary Supplement to sell in the United States, 100% ALL Natural Chinese Herbs
  • Contains no pharmaceuticals, artificial coloring or preservatives, and uses traditional Chinese manufacturing techniques, meeting quality controls according to USA and Europe health standards.
  • Manufactured by complying with the 4 G’s in Herbal Supplement practices (Good Agricultural Practice, Good Processing Practice, Good Manufacture Practice, Good Laboratory Practices).