We are one of the well-known all-natural herbs and supplement production and export company in USA.   With more than 200 employees and 3 branch offices, Esmond Natural has successfully launched its products all around the globe, from North America to entire Asia. 

GMP Certification

Our corporate office is located in California USA, where the air is clean and fresh, humidity and temperature are stable all year round. Our factory is authorized with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate issued by America’s Natural Products Association (NPA). The qualification process requires world cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment and top standard system control.  Esmond Natural is National Nutritional Foods Association’s (NNFA) permanent member.  In 2006, Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, met with Paul Wei, CEO of Esmond Natural, to discuss the future of California’s nutrition supplement industry.

Quality Control

To ensure the best quality, our natural selection of resources use strictest rules to control every single detail, including geographic features, weather, and feeding during production process. Our ingredients resources come from all around the globe, and we make sure they are safe and top standard quality.  For example, our Vitamin C is sourced from organic rose fruit and cherries from West Indies; our fish oil is from Norway; our propolis is from Brazil.  All of them are rigorously selected before entering the USA production department.

Quality is our number one concern. Therefore, we not only choose from top ingredients, we also engage with the best suppliers in our network. The raw materials in our products all came from natural plant and animal extracts, and undergo the most rigorous quality testing.

There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
Paul Wei
CEO, Esmond Natural